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Sabino Canyon

Hiking today was so beautiful! I am kicking myself that I didn't take any pictures. It was sunny and warm and, despite how pale I am, I must have applied enough sunscreen to block the rays of 1,000 suns because I didn't get burned! It just never ceases to surprise me how exhausting a day in the sun can be. If I don't sleep like a baby tonight I will be pissed.

Now my father and I are struggling, I mean proceeding, with some kind of installation on some kind of box that will prevent us from losing all our t.v. reception on Wednesday. The world is not easy. Is it cool and counter-culture or just embarassing that when someone asks me if I watched "the game" or this "great show" (imagine this is, inevitably, an attractive guy), my response is always along the lines of "um, no. We only have, like, fifteen channels."? It really doesn't matter what channel we're talking about, it would definitely not be one that I get --unless, we are talking about PBS or Telemundo and let's be realistic here, I deal with the public (omg LOVED Masterpiece Theater last night btw)-- plus, I will inevitably throw that "like" in there because I always sound dumb around attractive men.

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